Artificial grasses are manufactured in big weaving machines since some centuries and firstly used in USA. Artificial grass made of pp and pe raw materials. It has very common use nowadays in our world due having difficulties in natural grass. Natural grass is very nice and natural but it is very difficult to keep it always alive and long lasting. The best option is to use artificial grass for gardens, sport fields, golf areas or anywhere to make it green colour. Artificial grasses are used for different purposes. The main area is for playing fields such as football, golf, multi purposes playing fields etc. Meantime artificial lawns are also popular for decorations , gardens and different purposes.

Artificial grass are manufactured in different heights and sizes  by Turkish artificial grass manufacturers.

The backside of artificial grass carpet has a special treatment in order to make it more strong and long lasting. Artificial grasses can be manufactured in different colours and qualities. The most popular artificial grass colours are green, blue and red.The most preferred colour of artificial carpets is green colour. Artificial grass also can be used at the roof of the buildings to make them in green. Artificial fake grass products are very strong against UV lights and they may stay at least 5-10 years depends on the geographical area. It is very common to use artificial grass for gardens .It is very useful products for the kids and pets.Fake grass carpets are not having any bacteria or harmful raw material inside it. Turkish artificial grass manufacturers are located in different cities of the country and exporting fake grass products to different countries such Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Holland, Belgium,Italy, Greece ,Africa, Middle East and different countries of the world. Turkish artificial grass manufacturers are manufacturing the best artificial grasses in the World.